About Project North


Project North brings artists and audiences together to play, explore, and connect around music, art, and the environment.


In support of the missions of the presenting partners WXPR Public Radio and ArtStart, all that participate will leave informed & inspired, to live creatively, sustainably and connected with the Northwoods community, ecology, and economy.  


Project North Values the “5 C’s”, connection, creativity, conservation, collaboration, and community in the following ways. 


We value creating space for people to connect, share ideas, and find new ways of working in the world together. We do this by inviting artists, musicians, nonprofit organizations, volunteers, community members, and visitors to learn and celebrate together. 


We value promoting up and coming bands, a wide variety of musician genres, innovative artists working in new ways, and providing access for people of all ages and abilities to engage with artmaking in a low stress and fun environment. 


We value the natural environment and seek to promote conservation. We are committed to being a Near Zero Waste event, providing space for organizers and eco vendors to share ideas, products, and information on how people can live a more eco-conscious lifestyles. 


We value working in partnership with other organizations with similar missions as a way to leverage resources, support one another, and have a deeper impact on the community. 


We value creating space for people to come together in many ways and seek to highlight the Northwoods as an innovative, progressive, and creative community.