Old Shoe
Saturday 9/21 | 5:45-6:45 PM | Main Stage


Old Shoe is a five-piece Americana roots rock band based out of Chicago, Illinois. Established in 2010, Old Shoe has steadily forged the Midwest scene with its organic grooves and growing loyal fanbase. The band's humble beginnings started with weekly residencies at local Chicago bars, and quickly grew to high profile festival appearances at events like Summer Camp and Wakarusa, and opening slots for artists like Bruce Hornsby and Leftover Salmon. The band has even produced 12 annual installments of its own festival, Shoe Fest, drawing national acts and thousands of attendees from across the country.

Aside from their success in the live music realm, Old Shoe has also upheld a strong commitment to songwriting and the art of the record. Made up of talented songwriters hailing from as far away as Alaska, the band’s compositions paint a diverse landscape of American life. Old Shoe currently has four full-length albums under its belt, with a fifth record, Past the Light, slated for a December 2023 release. Their 2013 album Family was selected as the Best of 2013 Local Album by AAA radio station, 93.1FM WXRT.

Old Shoe's music crosses many genres, from rock to funk, folk to indie, but it all lands in a space that is as comfortable as an old shoe. Over the years, this comfort has extended to the band's fanbase, who have created a strong and welcoming sense of community that keeps both the band and fans marching along together.


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