Interactive Art

Local and regional artists will be hosting various art experiences throughout the festival grounds.

WOW Metal work with artist Sara Hanson

Mystery and Magic of Microbes and Cast Metal with WOW Mobile Metal Lab and Show

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The workshop on wheels in a city bus turned metal casting studio and museum - Sara Hanson’s public art earth rover that travels to you to research and collect artifacts of life on earth and share them with a broader audience.

Celebrate International Microorganism Day/s (September 17) with Mold Making and Molten Metal


Collecting Artifacts - A harvesting of words and objects 

What do you see, feel, hear, smell or what words arise while exploring and experiencing the festival that we can create in metal? Share your ideas and bring the objects – twigs, acorns, textures, etc. These will be used to create the molds for Saturday’s Make+Take.

All ages.


Metal Pour Demonstration – Aluminum into green sand (sustainable practice)

Let’s light up the sunset with a colorful crucible and liquid metal. We will be casting a surprise sculpture to be gifted to Project North. 

All ages.


Mold Making and Molten Metal

Choose from a variety of castings/molds (that were harvested at the festival on Friday) to pour lead-free pewter into to create your own small sculpture, pendant, keychain, zipper pull, magnet or artifact souvenir. 

All ages – with WOW/parental support. 

More info coming soon!