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Sustainability Presentations


Deb Shaw Presenting: Composting and Food Scrap Recycling Today

I have been in horticulture my entire life. I was fortunate enough to have a grandmother with a green hand. I learned my love of plants and growing from her and my dad. I have a degree in ornamental horticulture and urban forestry. I love growing plants of any kind and have a passion for the unusual or exotic.

I feel strongly that we all need to be a part of the solution to keep our earth and soils in good growing shape for future generations. If we don't feed the soil, our plants will not perform up to standards of taste and nutrition. That is one of the reasons we all need to be a part of composting, whether it's garden debris or food scraps. Learn how and why it is so important and how easy it is to compost food scraps.

Margaret Mary Presenting: Yardening: the Blissful Marriage of Yard & Garden

Margaret, AKA Mother Nature, is an award-winning artist,teacher, student, dreamer, and ardent environmentalist, dedicated to saving the planet by artistic recycling! Decades ago she "recycled" her lawn, started YARDENING, and what a blessed adventure its been!


Duane Roskoskey Presenting: PFAS 101: The latest Emerging Contaminant of Concern

Duane graduated from Michigan State University with degrees in Environmental Systems Science and Civil Engineering. He worked the oil fields of Texas, Oklahoma, and Michigan for 9 years before coming to the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE). Duane has have worked for over 29 years in the beneficial use program with the DEQ. Duane’s other duties include reviewing dredge projects for contaminants, reviewing waste characterization data for non-hazardous determinations, he was previously in charge of the yard waste composting program, and lead in anaerobic digestion for the solid waste program. Duane is married to a former teacher and has three kids and two grand kids.

WindSong & Moe Presenting: Let's Talk! Community, Life, Death, Home Funerals

WindSong, Creatress of Inner Peace & Beauty, has been professionally sharing the pleasures of sensual ecstatic living for over 28 years.

Through her training and profound personal experiences in Massage, Breathwork, Earth Ceremony, Dance, Tantra, Adornment, Birth Midwifery, Death & Home Funerals, WindSong opens you to fully embracing your deepest inner beauty. She has been a guest bodyworker at “Sensuality, Flesh & Soul”, a Tantric Eco-Adventure held in Venezuela.

WindSong is a Wisconsin Licensed Massage Therapist, member of the International Breathwork Foundation and American Massage Council

Steve Moe has been professionally teaching the art of conscious, passionate living for over 25 years.

Through extensive training and experiences he brings elements of Breathwork, Massage, BioEnergetics, Earth Ceremony, Tantra and Spiritual Psychology into empowering and extraordinary sessions. He has presented internationally at the Global Inspiration Conference, co-leads “Sensuality, Flesh & Soul”, a Tantric Eco-Adventure held in Venezuela and is a partner in Transformations Inc., a premier and pioneering breathwork training program.

Steve is a Wisconsin Licensed Bodyworker, a member of the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF), Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (IBTA), American Massage Council and current team member of the Global Inspiration Conference.


Bob Martini Presenting: Environmental Regulation Works: For the environment, public rights and the economy

Bob Martini is a 32- year veteran of DNR as statewide river protection coordinator and has served on a dozen educational and environmental protection boards. In 2014 he was given a career achievement award by the North American River Management Society. He spends a few hours each day in wild places with water.

David Barnhill Presenting: The Climate Crisis & Climate Activism

David Barnhill is chapter leader of the Northwoods Climate Action Network and co-chair of the Northwoods chapter of Our Wisconsin Revolution. Before retiring to Oneida County in 2015, he was Director of Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, where he taught a senior seminar on climate change.


Randy Nilsson Presenting: Introduction to PHIUS Certified Passive House the Zero-Energy Ready Home

Randy Nilsson relocated to Wisconsin from a small town in Illinois in 1998, after building a home with his wife in Mercer, Wisconsin. He started doing business as Great Lakes Builders in 1999 and changed the name to Great Lakes Carpentry when the business formed an LLC.

Randy worked in the building trades in Chicago for 20 years prior to moving to Mercer, working as a commercial carpenter on noteworthy projects such as the Shedd Aquarium Addition and as a House Carpenter at Wrigley Field.

Great Lakes Carpentry focused on small, one-man remodeling projects initially and became one of the first Strongwood Log Home Company Dealers in Wisconsin in 2003. Nilsson qualified for his general contracting/dwelling contractor credential in 2006 and managed production of the first Wisconsin Energy Star Rated and Wisconsin Green-Built Certified Full-Log Home in the State of Wisconsin.

Great Lakes Carpentry is a member of the Headwaters Builders Association. Nilsson served as State Director 2008-2010 and served as President 2011-2013, receiving Builder Member of the Year Award for 2012.

Nilsson is a NAHB Designated Certified Green Building Professional (CGP), NAHB Designated Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS) and PHIUS Certified Passive House Builder.

Great Lakes Carpentry, Inc. is a Trade Ally of Focus on Energy New Homes Program and Trade Ally of Home Performance with Energy Star.

At the 2017 Better Buildings Better Business Conference, Great Lakes Carpentry, Inc. was awarded a Certificate of Achievement for Building the Most Energy Efficient Focus on Energy Certified New Home in Northern Wisconsin Region.

Nilsson currently serves on the Carpentry Apprenticeship Committee at Nicolet Technical College in Rhinelander, where he advocates for the instruction on building science best practices and air-sealing techniques for new and existing home construction and repair.

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