Project North is about immersing you in the creativity of our community.

On the festival grounds, participants will see interactive art exhibits, artist demonstrations and educational opportunities, movement and dance experiences, and a Downtown Art Walk in participating storefronts.

ArtStart's School Of the Arts Legacy Program classes will be held at Nicolet College for an add-on experience.


The 50 year tradition of School of the Arts continues as an add-on component of the festival. This art retreat, offers more opportunity and depth for individuals to expand their creativity, experiment in a safe and guided art environment, and perfect their craft all while networking with other creative individuals and attending structured art classes taught on a variety of mediums and art topics. 

Intimate morning art classes are offered at the Nicolet College Campus just outside of Rhinelander. 

Nik Nerburn
Nik Nerburn


Participate in art activities, storytime, games, jam sessions, and more at the kids tent.


More details coming soon.


Artists will set up temporary galleries in storefronts or vacant spaces on Stevens, Davenport, and King Streets to display and sell their hand-made art. 

See the breadth of Northwoods talent as you shop, eat, and explore Rhinelander's downtown. A full list of artists and participating businesses will be coming soon.

Royalbroil/Wikimedia Commons
Water Bar
Water Bar
Jaron Childs
Jaron Childs
Nate Sheppard
Nate Sheppard


Local and regional artists will be created temporary public art installations throughout the festival grounds in 2019.


Water Bar Pop Up
Artists: Shanai Mattson and Colin Klocker
The Water Bar is a fun social space serving flights of drinking water from various locations and engaging people in memorable conversations. A typical Water Bar pop-up includes a custom menu of drinking waters tailored to your event, information about the value of that water, and ways to take action to protect it.

This award-winning project has served water and information about water sources to over 80,000 people across the United States. Our artists have worked in partnership with over 75 organizations, and 500 volunteers.


Artist: Jaron Childs
Woodpile is a public installation created form cut firewood and an internal metal support structure. This project calls attention to one of our greatest resources and creates a reason for people to pause and ponder the mysteries of nature. Using Firewood references a local resource that carries many meanings from warmth to self-sufficiency and economic gain.


The Waythrough
Artist: Nathan Sheppard
The Waythrough is a multimedia immersive art installation by Rhinelander-based artist Nate Sheppard. It provides viewers with a unique and encompassing perspective on why sustainability is essential in the preservation of our local natural habitats.

Utilizing projected video, dynamic lighting, and surround sound, this installation is a meditative cinematic experience that showcases the natural beauty of our local Northwoods environment.


A Cube of the North #1, 2019
Approximately 51” cubed, recycled pallets, found lumber, branches, sticks, paint. Viewers are invited to leave their mark by painting the work.

Bricolage artist, Wolfgang Ryan, repurposes everyday items discarded by society to create paintings, collage, assemblage, and sculpture in an ongoing project to salvage the world. Ryan’s ersatz works often toy with the tension between utility and uselessness. His art objects have been exhibited in museums and galleries, and are held in private collections.