Playing Saturday at 4:45 pm at WXPR
From Rhinelander

Born and raised in the Northwoods, it is easy to find the beauty that is all around us.  Jared grew up playing percussion for a variety of bands starting at age 11 and gigging with groups by the age of 14.  He was gifted his first guitar at the age of 6 and finally learned some chords by age 15.  Jared started writing his own songs shortly thereafter.  By his mid-twenties there was a collection of enough material to put out an EP – “Illusions of Diamonds’ was born.  Since that time, Jared has focused on pulling as many sounds out of an acoustic guitar as possible.  Feeding off of his percussive roots, songs become a wall of sound from one single instrument.  Seeing things from a different point of view and connecting with real people in real situations, Jared Kay’s music will strike a chord within you.


Playing Saturday at 4:45 pm at WXPR