Art Installations in 2022

The Cybernetic Forest by Nate Sheppard

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The Cybernetic Forest is a 10-minute immersive multimedia short film by Rhinelander artist and filmmaker Nate Sheppard. Utilizing projected video, dynamic lighting, surround sound and an original soundtrack, the film that explores the tenuous and complex relationship between technology and nature. The show will play on loop with time between each showing for people to come and go.

Nate Sheppard is a multimedia creative with a focus on video and music production. Based in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, Nate was the 2019 recipient of the Northern Arts Council’s Individual Artist Grant and has worked on a wide range of projects including directing a feature-length documentary, creating an online arts festival, and producing cinematic poems and dance films, designing escape rooms and 360 virtual tours, and performing music.

A Cube of the North by Wolfgang Ryan

Approximately 51” cubed, recycled pallets, found lumber, branches, sticks, paint. Viewers are invited to leave their mark by painting the work.

Bricolage artist, Wolfgang Ryan, repurposes everyday items discarded by society to create paintings, collage, assemblage, and sculpture in an ongoing project to salvage the world. Ryan’s ersatz works often toy with the tension between utility and uselessness. His art objects have been exhibited in museums and galleries, and are held in private collections.

Cube 1